Zenergy Global Facilitation; Powerful Listening - Luminate Festival

Zenergy Global Facilitation; Powerful Listening


Presenter: Kāren Hunter
Suitable for: All ages

In this workshop we will explore a process called ‘Mining the Gold.’ The purpose of this process is to develop listening skills in distinguishing the ‘gold’ in another’s speaking. Developing our listening skills is an important part of ‘holding space’ and is practiced by Zenergy Global on training programs such as ‘The Art of Facilitation.’

‘Whole people co-operating in a sustainable world’ is the vision of Facilitation training group Zenergy Global.

Presenter Bio:

Kāren Hunter holds a Diploma in Facilitation through Zenergy Global and is excited to share these important skills with the wider festival community. She says “I look forward to a time where we are each able to hold space for our combined collective intelligence to emerge through group presence”. She is a musician, performance artist and musical facilitator. Kāren’s speciality area is in working with Transformational Festivals and the Performing Arts.


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