Yuan Qigong - Ali Kay - Luminate Festival

Yuan Qigong – Ali Kay


Presenter: Ali Kay
Suitable for: Adults only

Ren Yuan is one of the nine Yuan Qigong forms, which consists of coordinated flowing movements that draw on a wide range of disciplines to move energy deep into the body while also improving flexibility, balance and overall health. Movements sequentially address the five main body parts moving from head to toe.

Yuan Qigong is an innovative Qigong practice. Participants will come away with experiencing the effects of practicing the movement/meditation form. The workshop will mainly consist of learning and practicing the movements, mind activity and state required to practice Qigong. Ren Yuan is a beautiful and energetic form of Qigong, which draws on a wide range of disciplines including traditional Chinese, sports medicine and martial arts. It promotes energy flow, strengthens body/mind unification and develops both strength and grace.
There will be time also for questions and to briefly look at the other Yuan Qigong methods

Presenter Bio:

Ali has been practicing Ren Xue® and Qigong for 10 years and is a level 5 Yuan Qigong teacher. She runs introduction workshops and weekly Yuan Qigong classes in Motueka.

Luminate for me:
“I love the village created at Luminate, so many people enjoying life and learning new things. I think Qigong is an amazing modality and people want to know more about it.”


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