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Youth Jam’


Presenter: Sybille Feint Biedert and Jay Horton
Suitable for: Youth 15+

We will groove, share and get to know each other and have some fun. We’ll go on an adventure with our bodies, exploring territories of self-understanding and community. This provides the opportunity to engage with self-awareness, confidence, growth and assimilation, creating connection amongst young people, easing of the awkwardness between young men and young women. Youth 15+.

The aim is to create connection amongst young people, to ease of the awkwardness between the young men and the young women.

Presenter Bio:

Sybille brings with her 25 years of experience with embodied movement. As an international teacher, Sybille has been studying for many years with top teachers in conscious dance. She is now one of the few accredited Open Floor teachers in Australasia.

Her rich tapestry of experience in group work has grown from living in an intentional community for more than 15 years, directing many different retreats and workshops and continuously expanding her skills.

Sybille is a dynamic shapeshifter and healer who brings a rich and dynamic experience to those joining her on the floor. She works collaboratively, utilising skills of fellow teachers and team members to weave together transformational medicine that helps people grow physically and emotionally within a community.

Jay and Sybille have worked with teenagers for many years, both are founders of the Tracks and Tides Foundation in Golden Bay.


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