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Your Adrenals, Stress and Self Nourishment


Presenter: Anahata Yoga Retreat; Swami Karma Karuna
Suitable for: Adults and youth

Ever feel like you are only just getting through each day? Never enough time to do everything and also feel alive? Exhausted or constantly wired? Deep relaxation is a key to healthy organs, optimal endocrine system, balanced weight, mental and emotional clarity and more. A theoretical and practical session to learn about your adrenal glands, self-nourishment and enhance the relaxation response.

Stress is a leading cause of health imbalances, emotional challenges, family tension. We are so used to being stressed in this day and age, that we don’t even think we are stressed, until we crash. The majority of people have some adrenal taxation and are unaware of how to truly relax.

This is a practical and theoretical session exploring the health risks of stress, the science behind it in simple language. Participants will take away easy tools that anyone can used, anywhere, to turn on the relaxation response, support the body with healthy inputs, the right food and practices for self nourishment.

Presenter Bio:

Swami Karma Karuna is a founding member and director of Anahata Yoga Retreat, New Zealand, an international yoga teacher, inspirational speaker and writer with more than 25 years of experience. She imparts the basics of yoga with creativity and depth whilst also expounding on more profound topics of prana, chakras, meditation, chanting, yoga philosophy and lifestyle. Her passion is inspiring people to bring yoga off the mat and into daily life. Swami Karma Karuna’s wide range of teaching spans varying settings and cultures. She travels internationally, dedicated to imparting simple and powerful techniques for transformation.
Swami Karma Karuna has released several practice CDs and tracks; including Hatha Yoga guided classes, Chakra and Seed Sound practices, Yoga For Women tracks, Yoga Nidra-deep relaxation, Inner Silence, Mindfulness Meditation and Prana Meditation practices.


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