Wisdom of the Cycles - Luminate Festival

Wisdom of the Cycles


Presenter: Talia Levy
Suitable for: All ages

Life is cyclical. The sun, moon, plants and humans are living in an ongoing cycle of birth, growth, decay and death. In a society focused on the ascent, goals and success it is essential that we connect to and become intimate with the descent, the harvest, the decay and the death that is a natural part of life.

We will begin with guided grounding meditation, after which we’ll start looking at the cycles on a circular map. First will be the directions, followed by layering the sunrise and set, the times of day, the seasons, the life cycle of a rosebush, the seasonal sabbats, the life seasons, the moon, the menstrual cycle. Participants can share their associations with those points on the map. As we move through the different layers participants come to see the opportunities inherent in each point in the cycle. We come to see how our culture supports, embraces and encourages the ascent and often denies, rejects and dismisses the descent. And, we come to appreciate that the descent is natural, necessary and highly potent. For participants with a menstruating womb, understanding this map can be life changing, it supports them to honour their blood and come to appreciate the power and potency of the body during this time.
This workshop is based on ancient rememberings as presented and shared by Jane Hardwicke Collings founder of The School of Shamanic Womancraft.

Presenter Bio:

Talia is a Teacher with the School of Shamanic Womancraft. She has spent the last 4 years immersed in this women’s mystery school supporting women to journey into their bodies and their lives and reclaim their strength and power. In this time she has been holding women’s circles and working with the school to bring these workshops to festivals and events as well as locally run day workshops.
She also works with Nature Philosophy, an organisation that facilitates earth based programs and works to bring people back to the old ways of the earth.
Each year Talia and others travels to a community in Arnhem Land where they live and embrace the Yolgnu (Aboriginal custodians of north east Arnhem Land) way of life. These ways inform the teachings she shares.


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