The Wheel of Life - Luminate Festival

The Wheel of Life


Presenter: Laura Howard
Suitable for: Adults only

Together we will explore the Wheel of Life. Allowing greater understanding and meaning to the Rights of Passage we experience, and bringing awareness to these powerful transitions we discover how ultimately this inspires greater freedom and empowerment in all aspects of our lives as Woman.

The aim of this workshop is to map out the relationship women have to the energies around them, in order to understand the influences there are that effect how they feel. Understand this connection that also reflects the cycles of life and the importance and gift of each stage of life, each season and each part of our menstrual cycle.
Participants will leave with a great experience of the wheel while providing the opportunity for each to draw the wheel themselves, ask questions and explore it while having the visual of the many different layers there are to life and how they all interconnect and relate and serve to empower us through the cycles.

Presenter Bio:

Laura is passionate about remembering and reconnecting back to the song lines of Pachamama, back to the true nature of self. She a lover of Ritual and Ceremony, a teacher of the Womens Mysteries at the School of Shamanic Womancraft and a Breathwork Facilitator with Breath of Bliss. And has worked as a Traditional Birth Attendant for most of the past decade. She brings this maternal, powerful and unconditional loving energy to the spaces that she holds, creating a clear, graceful and nurturing container.


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