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The Vitality of Vulnerability and Warrior Consciousness


Presenter: Tristan Bray
Suitable for: All ages

We will explore one of the most hidden and powerful issues effecting most men and women in our culture – many men’s inability to feel and express emotion. We’ll look at ways of being in society, by feeling deeply into our non-separation with others – Warrior Consciousness. Let’s raise awareness via discussing taboo subjects!

What is the purpose of exploring these topics?
• Raising awareness via discussion of taboo subjects
• Collective and global holographic healing through self work
• Discovering love, intimacy and the emotional truth of vulnerability

The global male vulnerability deficit:
• What is vulnerability? – Emotional truth, intimacy and love
• Environmental collapse, war and suffering from political and patriarchal leadership abuse
• The how’s and why’s of making men into good soldiers and how this effects us
• Institutionalized stoic and sociopathic competition in society
• Patriarchal rituals of abuse toward men and boys
• Fear, disconnection, misogyny, becoming a perpetrator, violence and suicide
• Openness and love being blocked by fear of vulnerability

The role of women in healing men:
• Human evolution and the desire for ‘hardened’ men
• A woman’s nervous system vs. her spiritual needs
• What can women do to help men?
• Vulnerability is sexy!

The future of vulnerability, intimacy and sensitivity:
• Epigenetic up-regulation and being held by the earth
• Free flowing emotional energy and stress reduction
• The divine transactions of an aware couple

Identifying our harmful imbalances:
• Ending wilful ignorance and cognitive dissonance
• ‘California syndrome’ and ‘walking the talk’
• Why you shouldn’t beat yourself up
• No subtle social games of entrapment
• Veil of separation and self gratification

Warrior consciousness:
• Exchanging with others through a feeling of oneness
• Combat via love
• Forgiveness and compassion
• Harmonically resonating love as a defence against negative people
• Integrity, truth, transparencies
• The worthy lover and the heart blow
• Holographic healing
• The cascade of love/harm through our relationships
• Giving in love and light as a full spectrum way of being

Presenter Bio:

Tristan has been a Regression Therapist for ten years. He brings his in depth background in Psychotherapy, Meditation, Quantum Healing, Cell Biology, Epigenetics, Kinesiology, Psychopharmacology, Sexual Health, Diet, Detox, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Taoism, Shamanism, Entheogens, Chi Gung, Kung Fu and Modern Medical Science to his clients, talks and workshops. He currently shares his skills as a therapist, life coach and counsellor.

Throughout his twenties, Tristan studied healing arts. He is passionate in reminding people, that the human capacity for healing is limitless. Tristan helps to open his clients’ minds to how many natural super abilities that we all possess to enhance our life that have been squashed out of the mainstream belief system by reductionist scientific dogma and disempowerment religions.

Tristan’s healing treatments, seminars and workshops are primarily focused around clearing trauma and sharing why this is so important to all of us. Trauma is the biggest cause of ill health in our world because it will often permanently change the body’s physiology, emotions and spiritual outlook if not released. Much of modern medicine looks at putting a ‘band aid effect’ over the current effect of trauma as opposed to clearing it, back at the creation point.


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