The History of L/L Research, the Ra Contact, and the Transition into the Fourth Density - Luminate Festival

The History of L/L Research, the Ra Contact, and the Transition into the Fourth Density


Presenter: Jim McCarty
Suitable for: All ages

We will look at the journey of L/L Research that began with UFO investigation, progressing to the experiment in channeling that resulted in the Ra contact and the Law of One material. We will explore what this source says about the future of humanity and how we can participate in a transition into the “Fourth Density.”

Jim will give a brief overview of the journey of L/L Research, originating in UFO and paranormal investigation and transforming into discovery and investigation of spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical material to share with humanity. This includes the story of the Ra contact, which resulted in the Law of One material, most popular material L/L Research shares to date. The story and circumstances around this event are not simply personally interesting but integral in understanding the nature of the material, its origins, and its utility for the human journey. Throughout, Jim will provide an overview of what the material contains in terms of tools, systems, frameworks, and information to aid seekers on their individual journey, all while driving home its essential message: that all is one, and the crucial step at this stage of our journey to that oneness is to open our hearts in love. He will also focus on how this focus of love is crucial in the transition of our planet and population into a new era, which Ra called fourth density. After exploring these topics, he will open up the discussion to a Q&A.

Attendees will be introduced to, or gain a deeper grasp of, the Law of One material and get a glimpse of the utility of this material as it pertains to the journey of personal seeking. Our hope is that, in learning this information, attendees may find deeper meaning and direction in their lives and experiences, their own steps of evolution rippling out into the world aiding in a transformation for all of humanity.

Presenter Bio:

James McCarty was born in 1947 in Kearney, Nebraska. After receiving an undergraduate degrees from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and a masters of science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida, Jim moved to a piece of wilderness in Marion County, Kentucky, in 1974 to build his own log cabin in the woods, and to develop a self-sufficient lifestyle. For the next six years, he was in almost complete retreat.

He founded the Rock Creek Research and Development Laboratories in 1977 to further his teaching efforts. After experimenting, Jim decided that he preferred the methods and directions he had found in studying with L/L Research in 1978.


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