The Adventures of Sapphire and Ash - Luminate Festival

The Adventures of Sapphire and Ash


Presenter: Nick Duval-Smith
Suitable for: All ages

A series of interconnected stories that are of my own devising and improvised. These will be based around two characters that I introduced at the last Luminate: Sapphire and Ash. The intention is to take the audience on a journey through a landscape that we build together through storytelling.

Presenter Bio:

Nick is a storyteller who started telling stories in a formal context as a Steiner kindergarten teacher, in 2009. He trained with the International School of Storytelling (they are UK based but ran a workshop in Wellington), and have been mentored by John Crick of Motueka. Nick performed the Roald Dahl Show at venues including public libraries, retirement homes and book stores throughout NZ during 2016.


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