Synergy Vinyasa Yoga - Luminate Festival

Synergy Vinyasa Yoga


Presenter: NowHere Yoga
Suitable for: All ages

A fluid and dynamic yoga practice based on the Yoga Synergy style, bringing the energising benefits of traditional hatha yoga to modern bodies. This yoga practice is fun and challenging, while offering variations that make it accessible to all levels, and is designed by physiotherapists to be safe for the joints and deeply nourishing to our internal body systems.

In this practice session we will highlight some key aspects of the method, focusing on developing healthier spinal movement, joint stability, enhanced circulation and energy flow throughout the body.

By giving people a new toolkit of active yet relaxed movement patterns, this practice complements a variety of other sessions as well as the enjoyment of free movement and dance in the rest of the festival experience. The methods of non-restrictive core engagement that are hallmarks of the practice, help develop internal strength and relieve lower back pain. The ways we will explore linking movements and moving in and out of postures offer practitioners new insights into the internal actions and structure of the classical yoga postures, and once learnt can be applied to complement other styles of practice.

Presenter Bio:

Carlota and Morgan (NowHere Yoga, Barcelona) have been running yoga retreats, events, trainings and festivals in Spain and internationally since 2013. Bringing together their backgrounds in yoga, music, psychology and group facilitation, they have been working with cacao as a ceremonial medicine since 2016, and exploring the integration of shamanic ceremonies with fluid, dynamic yoga practices. Carlota has participated in a Cacao Apprenticeship with Rebekha Sahaman to continue to deepen her understanding on holding ceremonial space as well as relationship with the cacao medicine itself.

Dividing their time mainly between Spain and Morgan’s homeland of Aotearoa-NZ, they have presented workshops in festivals around the globe: Burning Man, Nowhere, Kiwiburn, Splore, Kawai Purapura International Yoga Festival, Marino Yoga Festival, and more. They are the directors of the Agni Spirit Festival, a transformational festival of yoga, music, dance, shamanic ceremonies and workshops that takes place near Barcelona.


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