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Sound Concepts of Time and Rhythm


Presenter: Doug Brush
Suitable for: All ages

From the big bang to the speed of light, rhythm defines our world. This workshop explores how rhythm permeates everything in our universe and how musicians can start to think differently about time, rhythm, and groove. A drummers most important job is to make time feel good, a big responsibility! Come along to learn some tools to do this.

This workshop starts with conceptual ideas of rhythm and time and then moves into the building blocks of what we define as musical rhythm – the 5 ‘octaves’ of rhythm, or also 40 beats per minute and 12 beats per second. Any slower and we don’t define it at ‘rhythm,’ and any faster our ears don’t discern it at rhythm – in fact it becomes pitch at 20 beats per second! We will explore fascinating ways of dividing time and making time feel good; the often overlooked, yet absolutely fundamental aspect of playing rhythm. For this we will use drums. We won’t learn a specific rhythm or two, but it will give the participant a broader perspective and the tools to make any rhythm they play or learn deeper, groovier and more flexible.

Presenter Bio:

Doug has built an international career for the past 30 years as a percussionist based out of Chicago, and more recently Christchurch. He is an active performer and teacher in many styles of music. Having a classical performance degree, studying with the Chicago Symphony percussionists, and also having studied folkloric traditions in Cuba, West and North Africa, the Middle East, India, and various other locals, he is an in demand musician for a large variety of situations. He’s recorded on over 50 albums, produced some of them, composed music for dance, written articles for Downbeat magazine, and been an artist in residence at the world renowned Chicago Art Institute. He has taught on 5 continents and presented workshops at numerous Universities, colleges, schools, corporate events and retreats.


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