Sound, Noise, Music and Humans: Navigating our Aural Landscapes - Luminate Festival

Sound, Noise, Music and Humans: Navigating our Aural Landscapes


Presenter: Georgia Duder-Wood
Suitable for: Adults only

A presentation exploring human relationship and experience, both biologically and energetically, with sound, exploring how and why sound affects us. Topics include: sound healing, Schuman resonance, muzak, cymatics, the relationship between emotion and music, listening versus hearing and how to practice mindfulness around sound for improved human relations in family, workplaces and community environments.

You will receive carefully curated information about the physics of sound and vibration and the actual, quantifiable effects sound has on our bodies and in our communities. Latest findings and musings from a personal friend, an international expert in music and cognition will be presented. YOu will experience a sound meditation and observe how the body responds to different music genres, and how they can bring improvement to life through awareness of this, to self prescribe ‘music as medicine.’

Presenter Bio:

Georgia is a freelance singer, voice artist, vocal coach, voice teacher and healer working in voice. Her experience spans over being the creator of song for a healing program for higher ground drug and alcohol treatment centre, helping writers read their work publicly through the Master Classes for the New Zealand Society of Authors, Master Classes for Auckland’s The Gospel Project, singing tutor South Seas Film and Television School and singing tutor at Toi Ora Live Arts; creativity centre for mental health.

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