Sap Songs - Luminate Festival

Sap Songs


Presenter: TUi Mamaki
Suitable for: All ages

Drawing from our ground, ancestry, roots and allowing the song to move up and out. The singer as a channel, resonance chamber, instrument. The song as a vessel, form, sequence, to be filled with presence and gifted outwards. Human song trees as a metaphor that bring resilience, fluidity and connection to the singer and performer.

Stillness, with sap coursing. Undeniable bridge between heaven and earth.
Trees as our guides are anchored, steady, elegant in their outreach of leaves and bloom. The sounds, like sap, pass through a purifying core and alter their colours according to the vision, to the gift we offer – in thanks, in recognition, in return like oxygen, in surrender to the skies.
In the soil of traditional song, we will access musical form and vocal techniques, towards an experience of community polyphony, in harmony.

A workshop for all those interested in embodied voice and trees.

Presenter Bio:

TUi has been performing and teaching songs from around the world for many years, with a particular focus on Bulgarian folk song which she has studied in Bulgaria over the last few years. Nature’s forms and the elements are an integral part of this incredible vocal tradition, which resonates beautifully with the frequency of our Aotearoa/NZ.

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