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Sacred Sounds Collective Kirtan


Presenter: Anahata Yoga Retreat; Prosad and others
Suitable for: All ages

Open your heart and clear your head with ‘kirtan,’ an active sound meditation practice. Join Anahata Yoga Retreat, Prosad, Lis Martinac and other musicians every evening for joyful chanting, sacred music, rhythm, expression and dancing in this uplifting yoga practice of singing transformative mantras.

Anahata will hold space for the collective of people wishing to offer kirtan and guide a nightly session to open the heart and clear the head with “kirtan,” an active sound meditation practice. People become light, expressive, open and enjoy sacred music.

Presenter Bio:

Anahata Yoga Retreat, the heart centre, is focused on yoga and meditation practices that harmonise the Head (mind), Heart (emotions) and Hands (actions). Known for their love of traditional kirtan (sacred sound), they share the kirtan bug, to expand joy and peace, wherever they go.

Prosad, the ‘Jimi Hendrix of electric sitar,’ is an international, spiritual musician full of good vibrations. He’s a multi-instrumentalist and singer who has travelled the world sharing his unique blend of sitar, guitar, reggae and world music.

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