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Sacred Earth Medicine Aotearoa


Presenter: Jules Bright
Suitable for: All ages

Sacred Earth Medicine is a window into the magic of Nature and our beautiful relationship therein. We will taste and learn of a few native plants of Aotearoa and truly understand how we can move forward in positive, interactive ways with our health and that of our Planet.

We are inextricably linked to this Planet in magical and mysterious ways. Journey back to who we truly are – at our essence, at our core. Our true nature is Nature. We are made up of star stuff, of all the ancient languages and songlines, sacred geometry is our template; the dreaming calls us to our life mission.
Our threads are harmoniously woven into our sacred Earth and therefore her food, energy systems and medicine is designed for our pure health, vitality and wellbeing. Deep dive back to when we lived as hunter-gatherers and the way we synergise with the seasons. Let’s discover some of Aotearoa’s native plants and everyday potent uses. Enjoy some delicious native elixir to get us humming!
After this workshop you will no doubt wish to let everything assimilate – you will have discovered some eureka moments and learned of the beautiful potent medicine and food growing all around us. You will then know how to look after yourself and family with healthy life-giving elixirs, powerful healing tonics, first aid tricks in the bush, you will have tasted and experienced our native plant allies in new ways not being taught elsewhere.

Presenter Bio:

Jules is a barefoot forest dweller with a huge appreciation for what we have right here in Aotearoa. She spent 10 years travelling the Planet living with many Indigenous cultures and learning with these sustainability warriors. Jules is an initiated WisdomKeeper, Pipe Carrier and Reiki Master and enjoyed 10 years of surgical nursing & ambulance work before becoming a naturopath and medical herbalist. Jules is now taking her message to the World through her book, workshops, retreats, concerts, Cacao ceremonies and natural NZ native skinfood ranges: Bright Earth & Earth’s Kitchen – products that are 100% natural, wild-crafted and enjoy fair trading with our sisters in the Pacific. Jules facilitates workshops and retreats in New Zealand and internationally including her ‘Forest Aid’ and ‘Shine’ courses. Jules is one of the voices of the Forest and her businesses are set up to promote Forest regeneration and Coral Reef regeneration – as her Earth’s Kitchen formula is the World’s first (and only) Biogro-certified natural (100%) invisible Sunscreen SPF50, that is reef friendly and filled with New Zealand natural plant medicine, to heal the reefs and reverse their decline caused by chemical sunscreen.


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