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Reo Powerful Stuff


Presenter: Jeromy Van Riel
Suitable for: All ages

Intermediate level te reo Maori class. It will involve a waiata, storytelling and a memorable high energy ‘work out’ where we create meaningful sentences to create a base knowledge of different grammatical structures (active, passive, negative, emphatic). If you want to extend your reo Maori or just want a place to korero, tena hara mai!

Presenter Bio:

Jeromy spent most of his teenage years through to his early 20s with kaumatua. He followed them everywhere and spent long hours questioning them about the world they grew up in. He speaks at his marae and MC at a number of events in Queenstown and Wanaka. He has been teaching Te reo Maori for 20 years from the Hawke’s bay to Invercargill at tertiary, NCEA and kohanga. Today he is still as passionate as ever and promotes Te Reo Maori introducing cooperates and councils to our beautiful language and the cultural perceptions it encapsulates through its voice.


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