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Psychedelic Health


Presenter: Victoria Catherwood
Suitable for: Adults only

Plant-induced psychotropic states have been commonplace for thousands of years according to anthropologists. Only since the War on Drugs have psychedelic substances been stigmatised. Learn the biology of how various psychedelic substances affect the brain, the promise of some of these substances from a medical perspective, and what science says about how to minimise harms.

The workshop will explain the current scientific and clinical evidence surrounding the use of psychotropic substances, including LSD, psilocybin and MDMA. Participants will gain an understanding of the history of psychedelic use and scientific research on using these substances for therapeutic purposes. Participants will also learn about how to minimise the risks associated with using these substances, and will have the opportunity to ask questions in a safe environment.

Presenter Bio:

Victoria is currently a training doctor at the University of Otago. In 2017 she created an educational documentary called ‘Mum, Cannabis and Me’ to educate health professionals and medical students about cannabis as a medicine. Victoria has a professional interest in understanding how psychotropic medicines work to activate the human mind, body and spirit. She has presented at medical conferences (Australasian Integrative Medicine Association conference 2018, NZ Rural GP network conference 2017), given lectures at the University of Otago, Wellington and Dunedin Schools of Medicine and run workshops for the Integrative Medicine Otago Group. She completed an externship with Dr David Bearman, one of the world’s leading medicinal cannabis experts, in California, and is actively involved in cannabis research in New Zealand. For her Masters degree in Cell and Molecular biology, she researched MDMA and Salvia divinorum in rodents and cell models.

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