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Music is Fun!


Presenter: Max Schollar-Root
Suitable for: Children under 9 years old, parents must attend

A participatory workshop and musical play space for children aged 0-6yrs to enjoy percussion, play and dancing. Kids are welcomed into the space with offerings of instruments to play and some familiar music played live. There will be singing, dancing, and action songs, all the time encouraging the kids to participate actively and creatively.

It will be a combination of dancing and action songs, all the time encouraging the kids to participate actively. The kids can co-write and perform songs in the moment with simple choices (such as the animals on Old Macdonald’s farm), giving them some autonomy over the musical process. We sneak in literacy and numeracy in counting games and lyrical involvement. Benefits the children leave with include self-expression and creativity, enhanced language development, cognitive skills focusing on memory and perception and improved motor skills.

Presenter Bio:

Max is a registered music therapist who specialises in early childhood developmental music programs. He has previously worked as a music therapist at The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, and has a background as a youth worker going back over 5 years.

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