MoMENtum - Luminate Festival



Presenter: Jaime Howell
Suitable for: Men only

Using open floor conscious dance, we will explore the inheritance and potential of being a wholesome man in a world waking up. All men can dance; it is time for us to remember our wild, powerful and beautiful selves in bodies that love to move. Only for men, no prior dance experience necessary.

Clear minds, wild hearts. True wildness is a love of nature, a delight in silence, a body free to move in spontaneous ways, and an unshakable curiosity in the face of things not known. Traveling on the tales of the hunters and gatherers, tribal men, industrial men, great turners, big earners, shape shifters, warriors for love and clear seeing. Men finding freedom through dance.

Presenter Bio:

Jaime is the only male Open Floor teacher trained in New Zealand. He is the Director and Founder of Opening Minds, an organisation dedicated to bringing forth universal wisdom and compassion. Jaime is a director for the Rites of Passage Foundation. A graduate of the three-year school of living Dharma, he spent a further three years practising at the Wangapeka Study and Retreat Centre. He is currently offering a three-year Immeasurable School of Wisdom and Compassion for young adults around the world.



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