Meridian Energy Dance - Luminate Festival

Meridian Energy Dance


Presenter: Kimberley Jade
Suitable for: All ages

Meridians are the energy pathways in our body; they flow and supply our organs with essential energy and chi in order to function at our best. Meridian Energy Dance is the perfect way to clear these pathways while having fun. This is a fusion of the ancient Chinese art of balancing meridians by energetic massage and a passion for dance.

A journey, beginning with guided Meridian Tracing and a fun Meridian Muscle Dance – through the 5 Elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. Ending with a DJed Ecstatic Dance. Meridian Energy Dance is a powerful way to shift blockages, balance your system and raise your energy and vibration.

Presenter Bio:

Kimberley has incorporated her Kinesiology practice of the Chinese 5 Elements, with her passion of Dance. A firm believer that Dance is a powerful healer, Kimberley DJs a collective array of transforming music on a journey of self discovery and in the frequency of 432-Hertz. She is a DJ, Sound Therapist and Kinesiologist. Her passion is music, exploring sound, its healing benefits and ecstatic dance! She has been spinning tunes for the past 18 years and runs her own conscious movement and ecstatic dance events, taking people on a journey via music that stimulates the heart. Her sets infuse oriental, tribal and etheric tunes with her love of deep tech and house. Kimberley is an international entrepreneur and her passion to perform and run kinesiology infused with dance workshops has seen her at festivals and ecstatic dance events in NZ, Australia and Europe. She has a Kinesiology clinic, where she assists people to achieve the most out of their lives.


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