Living the Harmonic Matrix with Mayan Time Science - Luminate Festival

Living the Harmonic Matrix with Mayan Time Science


Presenter: Vasumi Zjikaa
Suitable for: All ages

A safe space for old and new Time-Trekkers to explore further the Harmonic Matrix of the Mayan Calendars, as living patterns reflected through all attendees. An interactive opportunity to discuss what it takes to co-create living alternatives to the old tired paradigm. We will decode via the Mayan Dreamspell all beings into archetypes, placing them in a natural order that reflects how people can co-create together in ‘Earth Families’.

Presenter Bio:

Vasumi has been passionate about MetaPhysical systems for 35 years. She shares workshops, sacred theatre, sessions, lectures and myriad ways of sharing her findings, across the globe. A gypsy traveller at heart, she is dedicated to sharing what she has uncovered in order to support a better planet for our future generations. She teaches through igniting hope and active participation, for a better future.

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