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Latch On, Listen and Learn


Presenter: Tracy Botica
Suitable for: All ages

This is an opportunity to celebrate and learn about breastfeeding. Every breastfeeding family has a story to share and those stories are full of knowledge and insight for future families. Calling mothers and fathers of today and mothers and fathers of tomorrow. Come and breastfeed your baby, celebrate the breastfeeding you have done or learn for the future.

Aim of the workshop:
To create a breastfeeding friendly environment where participants can openly share their experiences and ask questions

Intended outcome:
Families who have or are breastfeeding will feel honoured and celebrated and can enjoy passing on their knowledge to others. They may learn even more about the wonders of breastfeeding so they realise just what an incredible thing they have done.

People who may become parents in the future will:
Learn about the incredible benefits and importance of breastfeeding.
Have the opportunity to hear directly about the realities of breastfeeding
Learn some practical skills about latching a baby to the breast.

Presenter Bio:

Tracey is a registered midwife currently working at the Motueka Maternity Unit. She has nearly 15 years experience supporting families to breastfeed, both as an independent community midwife and working in hospitals and birthing units. She has taught breastfeeding classes for mothers and facilitated breastfeeding education for midwives.


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