Intro to Juggling - Luminate Festival

Intro to Juggling


Presenter: RikTheMost
Suitable for: All

This is juggling for everyone. Looking at one, two and three ball pattern ideas, this workshop takes the stress out of dropping balls and provides space to explore, create and have fun with juggling.

Most folks think that if you can’t do a three ball cascade then you aren’t juggling but that just isn’t the case. So this workshop seeks to show the participants that there are numerous access points into juggling and provides them with the opportunity to play their way towards creating and exploring patterns.

Presenter Bio:

RikTheMost is a whirlwind of talents from the UK, currently storming through New Zealand, blowing audiences away. A voracious juggler, ex-professional breakdancer and world-renowned spoken word artist – whether juggling words, juggling their body or just juggling – RikTheMost will be at the Circus Zone teaching you how to keep it all in the air!


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