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Impulse and Play


Presenter: Calvin Petersen
Suitable for: All ages

The creative impulse, something the ancients personified as ‘Genius,’ is something accessible to all of us. Through exercises and games we will discover the power of our impulses and playfulness as tools for creation and everyday life. Come play with us and free up your genius!

This workshop aims to develop the participants awareness of their inner creative impulses in a way that is fun and constructive.
The participants go through a series of physical theatre exercises and explorations to enhance their awareness of their inner impulse. These exercises are about abandoning judgement and intellect, and as this happens we begin to respond honestly with our physical bodies. This awareness of our innate or gut response is an incredibly useful tool, in creative work and in our everyday lives.

We will play games that develop our relationship with our impulses and games that build relationships with other participants.

Presenter Bio:

Calvin is a performer, director and Clown from Wellington, New Zealand and currently based in Toronto, Canada. He trained at Toi Whakaari: The New Zealand Drama School, where he earned his Masters (MTA: Directing) specialising in creating collaborative devised theatre. Since graduating Calvin has directed, created and toured multiple productions around New Zealand, enabling the existence of everything from, DOGS, a clown-run secret eating society, A Smidge of Pidge, a one-pigeon show about an existential crisis, and txt if you get lost, a 70 minute non-stop poetic party. Clown, Bouffon and Improvisation training have all had a strong influence on his practice.


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