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Improving Well-being: Practical Tools to Develop Resilience


Presenter: Angela Mastronardi
Suitable for: Adults only

Improving well-being is an illuminating journey into how we can rewire our neurological pathways to develop physical and psychological resilience. Presented by a neuroscientist and yoga teacher, participants will be guided through current scientific findings followed by practical instructions of conscious breathing techniques, uncovering the profound healing effects these practices can have on our lives.

The aim is to inspire and empower people to take personal actions about their health, becoming more aware of how consistent practice of Conscious Breathing can activate the natural self-healing mechanisms of the body, supporting and establishing well-being and optimal states of being. A clear and simple overview of the neurophysiological reasons underlying the physical and psychological benefits of a consistent practice will be provided, and hands on tools to do so. Angela supports her statements with references to scientific articles that she has been studying throughout the years.

Presenter Bio:

Angela has been passionate about neuroscience and holistic approach to health since she was a teenager and has been collecting knowledge about the link between neuroscience and yoga for many years. She has a Bachelor of Neurophysiology and is a trained yoga teacher.

Luminate for me:
“Luminate strongly resonates with me for its vegetarian friendliness, its care about nature and its rhythms, its being alcohol free and the profound conscious intentions that brings along and within itself and that get shared among the co-creators (all the people attending). It is a real honour and pleasure to be part of the presenters.”


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