Hurdy Gurdy - Luminate Festival

Hurdy Gurdy


Presenter: Virelai
Suitable for: All ages

Virelai’s player will share his experience with the Hurdy Gurdy and teach a few tunes. Søren will focus on the Hurdy Gurdy as a dance instrument. The workshop welcomes participants who play Hurdy Gurdy or other music instruments.

We will also talk about Danish traditional instruments, and look at the Hurdy Gurdy’s background and history.

Presenter Bio:

Søren Hammerlund is co-founder of Virelai, Valravn and Asynje.
The 3 bands have had a good impact on the danish folk scene.
He has been touring in more than 20 countries as a musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist playing more than 50 different instruments. Most of them are rare Scandinavian or European ancient instruments.


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