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Herbal Pharmacies


Presenter: Tyson Hammond
Suitable for: All ages

Create your own herbal pharmacy from the common herbs growing around you. How to identify, harvest, process and use the herbs and which herbs are best for which part of your body. Improv theatre will be used as a tool during this workshop to help you remember the information presented.

The aim of this workshop is to introduce the participants to herbs and plants that grow around them and how they relate and can help the different parts of their bodies. Over two workshops we will go through each of the bodies 11 systems, common weaknesses in that system and what symptoms will present as a result or dysfunction. Then introduce them to common herbs, including at least one NZ native plant, that can help support that body system, going into detail about when to harvest, how to grow, how to best process the plant, and the most suitable medium to store it – i.e. balm, tincture, ointment, infused oil.

Presenter Bio:

Tyson is a Medical Herbalist and Naturopath working at Tui Balms making and developing new products. He practices as a Herbalist/Naturopath from home part time. He gives workshops throughout the summer and autumn to the interns that come to Tui on internships in Herbal Medicine, Balm, Tincture and Soap making.


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