Heart Space Healing Workshop – Feel the Love - Luminate Festival

Heart Space Healing Workshop – Feel the Love


Presenter: Rachel Maguire
Suitable for: Adults only

This workshop will help you truly connect with your own inner joy and self-healing ability, the ‘feel good’ of your heart space and the naturally resonant joy, inner wisdom and creative power that lies there. This deeply relaxing and healing session will allow your body to strengthen the flow of healthy Qi everywhere. Bring something to sit or lie on.

The focus will be on healing, I will guide an energy healing through your whole body including all the organs and their related systems. Throughout the workshop some giving and receiving exercises will also be included. It will be a light and positive sessions where we can also strengthen our connection to the ‘feel good’. An aim is that of feeling deeply connected with our own authenticity. It will be deeply relaxing and healing allowing your body to marinate and soak in bright positive healing energy and strengthen the flow of healthy Qi everywhere.

Presenter Bio:

Rachel has over 30 years experience working in the health profession in both Western and Chinese Medicine. Over the last 10 years or so, she has been integrating Qigong and healing into her work, and through these modalities has found huge value in helping others to help themselves. Rachel has been a registered acupuncturist for over 20 years, is also a registered nurse and trained Qigong Teacher.

Luminate for me:
“I know I can help people get into a good state and it is something I can do to give back.”



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