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Healing your Home from Geopathic Stress


Presenter: Jillian Sawers
Suitable for: Adults only

Everything is energy, and your home, which should be your sanctuary may contain many different forms of negative energy and forces which can influence you in various ways. Learn how to dowse for what might be affecting your home and how to easily clear it for the benefit of all who dwell there.

The aims of this workshop
1) To bring the group to a point where they really feel the unseen world of energies is as real as the world we see with these eyes.
This will be done through a slide and spoken presentation focusing on the cultural, scientific, anecdotal and personal experiences of the presenter.
2) Introduction to the use of dowsing as a tool for diagnosing geopathic stress
This will be part presentation, and part experiment. People can tie threads to a ring, to practice dowsing.
3) To explain how the healing takes place on a quantum level.
Explanation and examples followed by guided commentary so that we can do a cleanse of our places, or cars, or campervans etc. of all emotional energy areas that are stuck.
4) To get people excited that it does actually work and to want to learn more!

Presenter Bio:

Jillian has 25 years experience as a teacher of spiritual awareness and meditation – based in NZ, the UK and Turkey. She has given hundreds, maybe 1000’s of retreats, seminars and workshops all over the world. She spent 20 years as a professional trainer in the UK and UAE, focusing on leadership, emotional intelligence, creativity, communication, decision-making and more. She is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, USA. Jillian is currently in the UK studying Dowsing and Home Healing with Adrian Incledon-Webber (author of Heal your Home) and being mentored by Tim Walter – Co-author of Spirit and Earth – A Handbook for Modern Holistic Living.

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