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Fusion Style Belly Dance


Presenter: Tracey Saunders
Suitable for: Adults only

Fusion Style Belly Dance is a modern form of belly dance which has evolved from traditional belly dance to incorporate movement vocabulary from Hip Hop, Flamenco, Contemporary Dance and Yoga among others to create a beautiful and dynamic new art form which encourages creativity and expression.

This workshop focuses on core Fusion Style Belly Dance movements and aesthetic, beginning with the demonstration and breakdown specific fusion moves individually. These movements will be drawn from the isolations, shimmies and undulations families of belly dance movement vocabulary.

Moves learned will be put together in a number of fun combos, and layering of two or more moves will also be covered. It is aimed at the beginner-intermediate level tribal fusion student but more advanced students will still find it helpful to revisit moves and will also be offered more advanced layers.

Participants will also be treated to a short performance which will demonstrate Fusion Style Belly Dance in action as well as display some common costume elements unique to the style.

Presenter Bio:

Tracey of TribalDiva Belly Dance Company in Christchurch specializes in Tribal and Tribal Fusion styles of belly dance. She is a core member of TribalDiva Belly Dance Troupe and the director/choreographer/principal teacher of TribalDiva Belly Dance Company. Tracey enjoys adding quite a lot of sparkle to her tribal and fusion belly dance performances, and she can frequently be found performing at events in Christchurch, around NZ and as far afield as Las Vegas, from intimate restaurant settings through to large scale public events and festivals.

Tracey regularly travels internationally to undertake intensive training with Tribal and Fusion Belly Dance superstars in the US. Tracey’s love of dance is matched by her love of learning, and this ensures that she will continue to learn from local teachers, and travel to train with international tutors to further her own skills and abilities.

Having completed teacher training for American Tribal Style® Belly Dance (ATS®), Tracey is New Zealands’s only registered Sister Studio to FatChanceBellyDance®. She also holds a degree in education and a post graduate qualification in project management, so you can be sure classes will be well structured to maximise learning!

Tracey is committed to providing a safe, fun and challenging class environment for her students, and is proud to play a part in providing an environment where students of all ages and abilities can enjoy themselves, make lasting friendships and express themselves creatively.


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