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Find the Balance


Presenter: Julie Stephens
Suitable for: Adults only

We will start with dynamic strengthening postures to build and stimulate the digestive fire – agni. Following that we will be exploring some nice deep stretches, using the breath to take us deep into the sensations of each posture, practising the art of pratyahara – sense withdrawal (the 5th limb of the 8 limbs of yoga).

Presenter Bio:

Julie started her yoga journey approximately 30 years ago and after many years of travelling around the world she decided she was ready to commit herself to becoming a yoga teacher. The draw card for her was/is more of the spiritual aspect as she has always been curious about the bigger picture, meditating and finding contentment. The physical side was an added bonus.

For Julie yoga is the perfect balance of doing what she loves, teaching and travelling. The style of yoga Julie predominantly teaches is Vinyasa Flow, which leads you through a flowing series of postures with an emphasis on the breath. As a yoga teacher she feels truly honoured and privileged to be able to share such an ancient practice – one that offers not only great physical benefits, but ultimately allows us to be mindful, happy and content.

In 2019, Julie will be running her next 200-hour RYA certified Yoga Teacher Training here in Nelson, NZ, for those of you who are ready to take the next step to either deepening your own practice or as a stepping stone to becoming an aspiring yoga teacher. Namaste.


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