Female Sexuality for Men - Luminate Festival

Female Sexuality for Men


Presenter: Nikki Rhodes
Suitable for: Men only

What do women want? Epic sex and legendary love! This workshop explores female sexuality, anatomy and various erogenous zones and is designed for those who identify as male. An informative and empowering workshop for men ready to tap into their innate knowledge, release damaging beliefs and receive the sexual education that they wish they had.

Participants will gain:
– An overall understanding of female anatomy, the female fertility cycle and the various female erogenous zones
– An exploration of some of the damaging beliefs surrounding female sexuality (eg. derogatory names of female anatomy, effect of pornography on sex)
– Discussion space for exploring the meaning of connection
– Skills for authentic communication and consent
– Practical tools for understanding, nurturing and enjoying the female hormonal flux
– Skills for connecting to the feminine energies within through Tantric practices
– Tools to activate one’s own sensitivities
– Self-care practices to tune into desire from a heart space

Presenter Bio:

Nikki is a passionate advocate for authentic relating and positive sexual education. She has a degree in psychology, childbirth education and was a lecturer at the University of Auckland in Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine specialising in issues surrounding women’s health and sexuality in the ancient world. A devoted traveller and student of life always, she continued her study of traditional Tantra in India last year, as well as presenting at various festivals and retreats across Australia and New Zealand.

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