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Exploring the Nature of Channeling


Presenter: Jim McCarty
Suitable for: All ages

Carla Rueckert, the instrument during the Ra contact that brought for the Law of One material, developed a protocol, method, and ethical philosophy for channeling information to aid humanity. We will explore Carla’s methods to guide a group in understanding what channeling is and how to evaluate channeled material.

Don Elkins, founder of L/L Research, began an experiment to establish telepathic contact with extraterrestrial beings in 1962. Over the next five decades, this experiment continued to explore the nature of this connection, gathering information about the spiritual evolution of humanity and the nature of the creation. Carla Rueckert, instrument during the Ra contact that brought through the Law of One material, continually refined this process to develop methods still used today to continue discovering and sharing this information.

Jim McCarty will explore Carla’s refined methodology and theories about channeling, helping the group to understand the nature of channeling, how to evaluate channeled material, and utilizing this material on our spiritual journeys.

Presenter Bio:

James McCarty was born in 1947 in Kearney, Nebraska. After receiving an undergraduate degrees from the University of Nebraska at Kearney and a masters of science in Early Childhood Education from the University of Florida, Jim moved to a piece of wilderness in Marion County, Kentucky, in 1974 to build his own log cabin in the woods, and to develop a self-sufficient lifestyle. For the next six years, he was in almost complete retreat.

He founded the Rock Creek Research and Development Laboratories in 1977 to further his teaching efforts. After experimenting, Jim decided that he preferred the methods and directions he had found in studying with L/L Research in 1978.


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