Engineering Services and Working with Council for Community Development


Presenter: Ian McComb
Suitable for: All ages

We’ll look at the key options for provision of water, wastewater, stormwater and power for the community and the trade-offs that are part of the on/off grid decision. Also main types of planning and building consents, the whys and wherefores of a District Plan and the Building Act and ways to work with the Council to find a suitable site.

The aims of the workshop are to
1) educate people about the implications of the on/off grid decision.
2) inspire people about creative alternatives within the holistic vision of the community.
3) educate people about the constraints that Council works under; and
4) suggest strategies to side-step conflict and effectively move forward in a timely fashion without spending a fortune.

Presenter Bio:

Ian is a professional engineer who is now developing communities of small, affordable houses in New Zealand (and probably Australia), he has presented workshops for community co-operatives, and ecovillages, professional engineering conferences, local councils, co-housing groups, private clients.

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