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Empowered Activism


Presenter: Robina McCurdy, Tejas Engel and Andy Dolling
Suitable for: All ages

An action-packed participatory workshop seeks reframing activism as an essential contributor to the transformation of socio-ecological systems. We will explore tools and tactics for effective change-marking centred around two core themes: enabling and empowering personal sense of purpose; and turning what you love and care about into your livelihood.

Presenter Bio:

Robina is the founder of The Institute of Earthcare Education Aotearoa (www.earthcare-education.org), a Charitable Trust dedicated to sustainability education. She also pioneered the 32 year-old Tui Land Trust in Golden Bay, a residential farm community where she has her home. Robina works as a community development facilitator, permaculture educator, organic garden designer, and nature connection guide with more than 30 years experience behind her. She has taught and applied her powerful participatory processes for collective decision-making and action to households, neighbourhoods, schools, farms, eco villages and bioregions throughout Aotearoa/New Zealand as well as in 15 countries internationally. She has produced a range of practical teaching resources, including a Treecrop Species Compendium, a Home Garden Coaching guide, and a Community Facilitation manual called ‘Grounding Vision: Empowering Culture.’ In 2012, Robina initiated ‘The Localising Food Project,’ through which she is becoming a recognised documentary producer.

Tejas works with earth energy field harmonics, is an alternative energy inventor and an electrical engineer. He is a social change activist, practicing Permaculture for the past 30 years, early on founding the Rewi Alley Permaculture Centre in Auckland.

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