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Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness


Presenter: Jillian Sawers
Suitable for: All ages

Do you ever get annoyed, anxious, jealous, disappointed, sad or confused? If so, you are probably human! However, by becoming aware of the difference between emotions, feelings and the role that ego plays in our daily emotional journeys, we can learn to navigate life’s hurricanes and stay safely centred in the ‘I’ of the storm.

1) Give everyone a clear introduction to the role the ego plays in our emotions and for each person to identify the main external and internal ego attachments that we each have. We will do exercises which will help people to recognise the root causes of their emotions and reactions.
2) To clarify the important difference between emotions and feelings. And how to know which one we are experiencing at any given moment.
3) To give participants an experience of their eternal spiritual self, through meditation. An approach to coping with emotional storms without creating more internal resistance.
This workshop will be a combination of presentation with slides, individual and group exercises and group meditation, visualisation.

Presenter Bio:

Jillian has 25 years experience as a teacher of spiritual awareness and meditation – based in NZ, the UK and Turkey. She has given hundreds, maybe 1000’s of retreats, seminars and workshops all over the world. She spent 20 years as a professional trainer in the UK and UAE, focusing on leadership, emotional intelligence, creativity, communication, decision-making and more. She is a Certified Eating Psychology Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating, USA. Jillian is currently in the UK studying Dowsing and Home Healing with Adrian Incledon-Webber (author of Heal your Home) and being mentored by Tim Walter – Co-author of Spirit and Earth – A Handbook for Modern Holistic Living.


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