DisSolve Dance - Dancing to Freedom - Luminate Festival

DisSolve Dance – Dancing to Freedom


Presenter: Nik Chung
Suitable for: Adults only

DisSolve Dance encourages you to explore, dive deep and let go by a carefully curated soundscape and intuitive guidance. There is no choreography and you are invited to use your body, mind and emotions, to elevate your spirit through the power of dance. Connect with yourself, with others and the music and set yourself free!

Presenter Bio:

Nik Chung is fascinated about the body as gateway between our inner world and our physical reality. She believes that movement unlocks secrets held in the body and can be used to powerfully transform our lives into one that is filled with passion, beauty, love and fun! As well as a conscious dance guide, Nik is a holistic bodyworker, a women’s life coach for passion, purpose and potential and a personal empowerment speaker.

Nik’s background in psychology and physical education, mixed with her personal study in various spiritual philosophies, along with a natural connection to universal knowledge, makes her workshops down-to-earth, fascinating, freeing and transformative.


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