Developing Emotional Literacy and Strengthening Relationships - Luminate Festival

Developing Emotional Literacy and Strengthening Relationships


Presenter: Frankie Dean
Suitable for: Children 4-8 years of age, parents must attend

Do you want to know yourself better and strengthen the child-parent relationship? As both you and your child draw with felts and crayons using outlines of the human body, you’ll get to explore your inner selves. Learn how to put what you experience into pictures and words. We will interact and reflect using mind and body, brains and sensations.

Presenter Bio:

Frankie is a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. She practises transactional analysis and uses a person-centred approach. She is a registered teacher, trained in early childhood, primary and Montessori, with 15 years experience of working with preschool age children. She has extensive training in special needs teaching for behaviour and communication. She specialises in strengthening the parent-child relationship, working with children using child-centred play therapy, and with clients who have experience trauma. She also works with adults – both individuals and couples and delivers mindful parenting workshops to parents and teachers in and around Wanaka.


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