Creatively Capturing Stones - Luminate Festival

Creatively Capturing Stones


Presenter: Jessica Holdaway
Suitable for: Adults only

Jewellery making: a special stone or crystal can be captured as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Learn to make a macramé net to hold any stone or item and create your wearable or gift piece. Tap into your creative talents and learn a practical new skill.

This is a hands-on workshop – everyone will leave with a new handicraft, a piece of jewellery and growing confidence in themselves as a creative being.

You will be guided through the steps to take with simple cord and stone, first to create a net, then to bind the stone and finally to make a necklace.

We all used to craft! Only a few generations ago. These skills are rapidly being taken over by mass production, big corporations and technology. The aim is to re-introduce craft as a way to save money, the planet and your very being with the meditative mindfulness crafting brings.
Cord provided by gold coin donation, please bring your own stone/crystal.

Presenter Bio:

Jessica has been crafting for over 25 years! She is lucky to be born into a family of crafters, so she started her apprenticeship young. She has owned a bead and jewellery store, taught jewellery making, macramé, chain maile, sewing and felting classes, made her family’s clothes and shoes, and generally lived a very crafty life! Jessica has presented workshops at Luminate, at schools and ecology summer programs.

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