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ConSensual Contact


Presenter: Renetsu Sparks
Suitable for: Adults only

Touch is a valuable, nurturing and often pleasurable part of life that is more potent when done consciously. This workshop will encourage and increase awareness in a safe and playful way with all contact fully clothed and consensual. Verbal and non-verbal, movement, music, release, heart centred connection and healing. Please bring something to lie on.

Take away skills include:
– The experience of feeling safe so that you can bring it into your life as it makes such a big difference to everything.
– Empowerment to speak your authentic response to situations and invitations.
– The healing effect of being held.
– Heart based connection.
– Respect and appreciation for yourself and others.
– How to be playful and conscious.

Presenter Bio:

Renetsu is a powerful energy worker and a sensitive and experienced empath. During a successful career as a probation officer, where her caseload included working with sexual offenders, she was struck down with an illness of unbearable pain and told repeatedly she would never walk again. Her sons were both young and she was committed to parenting them so death, although it would have been a welcome release, was not an option she was ready to take. These factors fully focused her path to awakening to the knowing of the oneness of all, and taught her a great deal through direct experience. She spent 6 years in the teaching of a Tantric Master and became a teacher within his teaching. During this period she Tantricly self realised. She has been teaching, holding medicine free ceremonies, offering one to one sessions and sharing tantric initiations since the late 1990’s including Healing Modalities, Biodanza, Ecstatic Presence, Ecstatic Shaking, Renetsu Ki, Toolbox Time and Sacred Circles. She is internationally renowned as a holder of space in which healing and shifts of consciousness easily occur allowing an impressive growth opportunity to all. She uses her sessions as a speaker of wisdom, and messenger of strategic insight with pinpoint accuracy. All of her focus revolves around facilitating and encouraging others into deeper depths of Consciousness and Healing from which to lead full expressions of their Awesome Authentic Being in Life.

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