Conscious Connected Breathing - Luminate Festival

Conscious Connected Breathing


Presenter: Ian Gall
Suitable for: Adults only

Conscious connected breathing (rebirthing) is a holistic breathing technique that enlivens the body and brings about a state of deep relaxation. By lying comfortably and breathing fully and openly, one can enter into a trance like state by super-ventilating the body. This can bring about deep healing, release energetic blockages and give insight into ones subconscious conditioning. Bring something to lie on and a blanket or shawl.

You will be instructed on how to do the breathing technique, then lie down and breathe for about 45 minutes, this is followed by a period of integration, coming back to a state of normal awareness, then a brief sharing session for those who would like to share their experience. The aim of the workshop is to allow people to have a brief experience of the power of the breath, and to learn the basics of conscious connected breathing and help people connect to there own inner resource, power and strength.

Presenter Bio:

Ian is a counselor and Breath therapist with a certified 20 years experience. He has worked in private practice and for various agency’s in Christchurch.


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