Community Music Therapy - Luminate Festival

Community Music Therapy


Presenter: Riet Aerts
Suitable for: Adults only

This will be an introduction in how to practice community music therapy, the strength of the non-verbal way of communicating with people from different backgrounds, the importance of the expression and body language of the therapist, exercises and practical examples about the possibilities with every kind of group, of any origin, in whatever circumstances. Bring an instrument if possible.

Musical exercises will focus experiencing safety and trust during music Therapy, body-oriented work around physical complaints, focusing on creating inner peace. It shows how these needs of people from a community contribute to the general welfare of people in emotional, social and cultural fields.

Presenter Bio:

Riet has a Masters in Music Therapy and specialises in working with refugees in war and conflict zones as a Music Therapist. She has presented workshops all over the world focusing on therapy through music.


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