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Communication for Connection


Presenter: Susie Spiller
Suitable for: All ages

Dive into compassionate communication with yourself and others, where shift happens. Here you will learn new ways of connecting in moments of joy and conflict. NVC (Non Violent Communication) is a practical toolkit to cultivate your values. Understand where others are coming from, see their humanity and create authentic connections with yourself and others.

You will learn to:
– Receive effective communication and conflict resolution skills
– Transform the thinking, moralistic judgments, and language that keep you from the enriching relationships you dream of
– Practice self-empathy, which supports and strengthens nervous and immune systems
– Make clear requests
– Take 100% responsibility and experience freedom and choice
– Identify you own value system rather than an external value system
– Release others from the burden that they create your reality
– Break patterns of blame and criticism by noticing interpretations
– Wake up to values behind internal dialogues and be more connected to life and flow
– In a nutshell the aim is to make life more wonderful.

Presenter Bio:

Susie is passionate about heart-mind balance. Her focus is on inspiring all who cross her path to tap into their greatest and deepest riches. Susie is a globally certified CNVC trainer and master facilitator of the Virtues Project. Her other training includes qualifications in group facilitation, conflict resolution, holistic health and yoga. Susie not only talks about a great lifestyle – she lives it through daily focus on diet, exercise, meditation and communication as her chosen path to spiritual communion. She is a skilled communicator and facilitator and has worked on her own personal development from an early age. With her passion for physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, Susie is committed to contributing to helping people live the life of their dreams.

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