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Belly Dance – Have Fun while Fine-tuning Mind, Body, Spirit Health


Presenter: Madchen Marie
Suitable for: All ages

Dance as exercise can be a fun, balanced, holistic path to preventative health and empowerment of the sacred feminine energies. Participants in my classes learn that no matter what their shape, they are absolutely perfectly gorgeous. Belly dance is a very old and powerful path to good physical health.

First, after introduction and talking about the sacred feminine, we warm up, talk about posture–Madchen will do a little affirmation that addresses posture with the group repeating posture positions, ending with “looking hot!” In a large circle, you will be taught two combinations and technical stuff, then break up into smaller circles to practice. Lots of laughter is involved. We aim to get women very comfortable in their skin, then gently push the range of movement. There will be a basket of hip scarves for participants to borrow. After a sweaty fun dance, we do a yoga cool down. Participants leave knowing how to do the equivalent of a sit-up without laying down on their back. They also have a greater knowledge of what they can gain from Belly Dance practice and what fun it is.

Presenter Bio:

Madchen lives in Dunedin and teach regularly at the OUSA at the University (Contact Laurence Potter.) She performs weekly, every Saturday, at Sila Turkish Restaurant on St. Andrew Street downtown Dunedin. She does many workshops in summer for Brides-to-be, hen parties, as she is registered with some wedding planners. Madchen has a wide range of dance experience. As friends of the Dunedin Fire Bugs, she incorporates palm poi, or palm torches into some of her performances. Madchen also dances with sword, veil, wings, and spirit! She is hoping to purchase a vendors ticket to sell hand dyed clothing, tapistries, flags, and veils, but would like to share her passions and be involved as much as possible.


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