Bee Play - Luminate Festival

Bee Play


Presenter: Cory Stessen
Suitable for: Children 4-12 years old, adults welcome

Come experience the life of the beehive through interactive story telling, playing, crafting, and dancing. Bees are some of the most wondrous creatures and they play one of the most vital roles as pollinators in the world of flowers. Children will surely walk away with the bee buzz!

Learn about the magical ways bees interact with their world and explore how we humans can learn from their designs to make our lives more harmonious with nature. We will discuss how to incorporate these lessons into our daily lives.

Bees exhibit unique and interesting behaviours so come along to explore how we as humans can learn from the bee’s intelligent designs to make our lives more harmonious with nature. Participants will walk away with the knowledge of how to operate as a hive, and how they can take their inspiration to the world at large.

Presenter Bio:

Cory is a local beekeeper who has hives on the Takaka Hill. Cory has 4 years of beekeeping experience and is teaching workshops and selling honey locally here in Takaka. Before arriving in NZ he taught environmental education to youth with an Ecology degree under his belt. Cory has taught workshops previously at Permaculture courses here in Golden Bay and has run one-off workshops at the Takaka Community Gardens.


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