AromatheraPLAY! - Luminate Festival



Presenter: Adi Rosa
Suitable for: Kidz (4 to 18 years)

Come on a magical journey into the natural scents. Play with wild orange moon sand and calming lavender cloud dough. Make scent-sational essential oil diffusing jewellery from lava stones and natural wood. Craftily blend magic energising or calming relaxing potions to take home. Or create your own unique signature perfume! For children, youth and their parents.

Together we will weave a magical, smelly, limbic tickling, first introduction into non-branded essential oils. In these workshops you will learn enchanting plant stories, discover what essential oils are, find out how to use them, play smelly games and be empowered to make blends appealing to our own unique individual desires and needs.

You will learn what scents lift us up, energise, calm, assist with big feelings, help sleep, relax tired limbs and make us feel extra special.

Our sense of smell is amazing! It is so unique because it is closely linked to our brains emotional centre and memory. Smell signals to all areas of the brain that participate in behaviour, mood and motivation. This workshop encourages us to consider essential oils as allies with our big feelings. Oils can become part of our toolkit for wellbeing. AromatheraPLAY will empower children to use oils safely with the aim of balancing, harmonising and promoting health of body mind and spirit.

Presenter Bio:

Adi has a background in Naturopathy, Herbalism and Youth Work. AromatheraPLAY is her unique creation.


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