An Empowering Journey to Motherhood - Luminate Festival

An Empowering Journey to Motherhood


Presenter: Laura Howard
Suitable for: Adults only

Bringing awareness to the Rights of Passage we have experienced so far in life enables us to bring awareness to the patterns that reoccur and continue to present, thus better informing and preparing ourselves for the mystery that is birth. We will explore what it is to learn, explore and celebrate our autonomy through the pregnancy and birth journey. We will perform a ritual for transforming all that is in the way of this.

The workshop aims to support women in exploring, claiming and celebrating their autonomy through their pregnancy and birth journey. They will walk away with a better understanding of what fears they may carry, what the beliefs are behind those fears and practical ways to transform them in order to support a fully empowered experience of birth and mothering.
This is relevant for the birth of our children and can also relate to the way we birth our projects, relationships, ourselves as mother and be relevant for many other aspects of life.

Presenter Bio:

Laura is passionate about remembering and reconnecting back to the song lines of Pachamama, back to the true nature of self. She a lover of Ritual and Ceremony, a teacher of the Womens Mysteries at the School of Shamanic Womancraft and a Breathwork Facilitator with Breath of Bliss. And has worked as a Traditional Birth Attendant for most of the past decade. She brings this maternal, powerful and unconditional loving energy to the spaces that she holds, creating a clear, graceful and nurturing container.


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