African Drumming - Playing Live Dance Rhythms - Luminate Festival

African Drumming – Playing Live Dance Rhythms


Presenter: Miro Klima
Suitable for: All ages

African drumming is all about dance music. We will create and support a funky dance vibe by learning to drum in a way that creates contagious joy and makes people want to dance. Drumming technique, patterns and various rhythms will be covered and explained. Let’s make people dance to your drumming beats! No prior experience needed.

The aim of this workshop is to shift the focus of the drummer towards the listener and dancer. The power of the drum is obvious and undeniable however, this power must be tamed and steered in the right direction to create awesome sounding rhythms and patterns that make people smile and dance and create happiness and joy. To do this, you don’t need years of experience and hundreds of hours of drumming under your belt. All you need is to understand your responsibility as a drummer each time you sit down to play and to practice and grow this understanding.

One misconception about the drum is that it is an easy instrument to play, when in fact it is one of the most difficult. Awareness of the drum’s power is very important to remember as it is easy to get distracted and lost in the moment.

With all that said and understood, we can focus on the actual and awesome act of drumming itself. We will cover the basics of drum sounds, technique and rhythm structure in a way that will allow us to make music and have a lot of fun. You will gain a very solid understanding of how to continue to improve your drumming skills and most importantly, you will experience the positive, joyful and uplifting vibe that drumming creates.

Presenter Bio:

Miro has been studying West African drumming for the past 18 years. During this time he has learnt from some of the best African masters alive today, both in Guinea (West Africa) and also in Europe and Australia, where many of these teachers now live. As a performer, Miro has played in a number of west African inspired troupes and performed at numerous functions and events all around the world. He has been teaching and facilitating drumming workshops, weekly classes and team-building events for the past 10+ years in Europe and New Zealand.

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