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5Rhythms – New Beginnings


Presenter: Michelle Mahrer and HeartSound
Suitable for: Adults only

We will be exploring the theme of new beginnings through dance. Our dance journey will be inspired by an atmospheric live soundscape of didgeridoo, drums, handpan, guitar, flute and voice culminating with a relaxing and healing sound journey. 5Rhythms dance is a powerful movement meditation practise that frees the body, opens the heart and clears the mind.

The aim is to offer a deeply nourishing, uplifting, healing and transformative workshop for participants that will deepen their connection to themselves and each other. Participants will leave with a deeper sense of wellbeing as well as new insights which will assist them for this new year. One of the premises of an energetic model of the universe which 5Rhythms dance is part of, is that when we heal and connect with ourselves, we are also helping to heal our environment and our relationships with others.

Presenter Bio:

Michelle Mahrer & Heartsound have been collaborating for several years and have developed a unique sensory language interweaving live soundscape with 5Rhythms dance, offering participants a deep journey to connect with their soul.

Michelle Mahrer:
Michelle Mahrer is the director of RadianceDance5Rhythms a vibrant dance community based in Sydney. She is an accredited 5Rhythms dance teacher, dance therapist and film maker and was one of the pioneers of Conscious Dance in Australia. She is passionate about the healing and transformative power of dance and has been leading classes, workshops, retreats and large scale events for the past 17 years throughout Australia and internationally. She has presented workshops at One Dance Tribe Hawaii, Byron Spirit Festival, Triple Shakti Womens Festival, and Sydney Spirit Festival, Melbourne Arts Festival. She has made numerous films about dance including the award winning “Dances of Ecstasy” – a journey into the mesmerizing world of trance and ecstasy.

HeartSound Music is a beautiful union of husband and wife team Vanessa Forbes and Steven Mazabow. As a team we create mystical organic live original music for group Sound Journeys, group Sound Healing, Meditation, Yoga Classes, Conscious Dance, Kirtan, Ceremonies, Retreats and Events. Together we create and share a bouquet of sacred sounds with didgeridoo, Mayan Flute, Native American Flute, Hand Drum, Panpipes, Tibetan bowls, chimes, African Kalimba, guitar, vocals, chants and various world percussion instruments.

Vanessa Forbes originally from Te Awamutu NZ, now residing in Sydney Australia, is a renowned multi-instrumentalist singer song writer, teacher, photographer, sound healer, kirtan and vocal artist, well known for her beautiful and acclaimed manifestation CD Album “Love Letters from the Universe” Recently invited to provide her angelic song “You Are Safe” to a Youtube video with over 75Million views, Vanessa was also the proprietor and visionary behind Absolute Soiree a sold out monthly event held in Bondi.

Steve Mazabow originally from South African now living in Sydney Australia is well known passionate didgeridoo practitioner, multi-instrumentalist sound healing practitioner, Yin yoga teacher, kirtan artist and entrepreneur. Steve is part of the Dream Drone team which is synonymous with bring unique vibration, a low frequency soundscapes created with didgeridoo. Steve’s didgeridoo music was recently used by the Australian climate council.


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