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5Rhythms – New Beginnings

We will be exploring the theme of new beginnings through dance. Our dance journey will be inspired by an atmospheric live soundscape of didgeridoo, drums, handpan, guitar, flute and voice culminating with a relaxing and healing sound journey. 5Rhythms dance is a powerful movement meditation practise that frees the body, opens the heart and clears the mind.

5Rhythms – We are All One

5Rhythms dance journey with evocative live soundscape of didgeridoo, voice, flute, and drums, exploring our interconnection and oneness. As we dance into stillness we gather together with devotional chanting unifying our hearts as one. A deeply nourishing, uplifting, healing and transformative space for participants, that will deepen their connection to themselves and each other.

Advanced Acroyoga

Find comfort and balance when it seems unlikely, explore creative ways to leave the floor and return to it, offering more variety for flows and performance. Learn the mechanics and the language of mounts and dismounts that can create exciting transitions between sequences. Pre-requisites: proficient as base or flyer in shoulderstand, cartwheel, some experience with reverse star, handstand.

Advanced Contact Staff

This workshop branches into some of the more difficult and stylish techniques of contact staff.

Advanced Contact Staff

We build on the previous workshop, learning some of the more advanced contact moves that are unlocked through correct body and footwork.

Advanced Contact Staff

Explore some of the more advanced contact roll techniques, such as angel and jesus rolls, caging, throws, and dramatic poses.

Aerial Choreography

There are many ways into creating choreography: this workshop will explore some of them, looking at dance and at character movement. This workshop is for people with some aerial experience. Rather than learning specific moves or technique, we will explore different ways and qualities of moving, aiming to transcend technique.

Aerial Silk & Sling

Aerial Silk & Sling- Lets FLY!! In this workshop we will cover a range of climbs, holds, drops, locks, inversions and rolls.. We aim to teach techniques to boost confidence, build strength, endurance and body form. `We were all born to shine!´

African Drumming – Playing Live Dance Rhythms

African drumming is all about dance music. We will create and support a funky dance vibe by learning to drum in a way that creates contagious joy and makes people want to dance. Drumming technique, patterns and various rhythms will be covered and explained. Let’s make people dance to your drumming beats! No prior experience needed.

American Tribal Style® Belly Dance

Learn fundamental moves and techniques for Tribal Style Belly Dance, a modern style of belly dance utilising group improvisation. With a powerful, earthy aesthetic with its roots in traditional belly dance and folkloric styles of dance from around the world, this style allows dancers to co-create performances together!

An Empowering Journey to Motherhood

Bringing awareness to the Rights of Passage we have experienced so far in life enables us to bring awareness to the patterns that reoccur and continue to present, thus better informing and preparing ourselves for the mystery that is birth. We will explore what it is to learn, explore and celebrate our autonomy through the pregnancy and birth journey. We will perform a ritual for transforming all that is in the way of this.

An Intro To AcroYoga

An introductory AcroYoga workshop grounded in the art of play, learning the principles of AcroYoga. Partners welcome but not required. Invite your inner child to come out and play, and walk away with some new skills, friends and a massive smile spread from cheek to cheek.

Ancient Poetry Meters for Musicians

This workshop is for musicians who want to expand their rhythmic vocabulary. By drawing on 1000 year old poetry meters of Moorish Spain, musicians can access odd time signatures in a very natural way. Because these are originally poetry rhythms, they flow very in human, natural way despite being in unusual time signatures.


Come on a magical journey into the natural scents. Play with wild orange moon sand and calming lavender cloud dough. Make scent-sational essential oil diffusing jewellery from lava stones and natural wood. Craftily blend magic energising or calming relaxing potions to take home. Or create your own unique signature perfume! For children, youth and their parents.

Awaken and Energise Morning Yoga

Ease yourself into the day with expanding, energizing and soothing yoga postures. Salute the Sun to access your storehouse of vitality and align with the day. Balance with blissful breathing practices and some moments of inner silence. Leave with an inspirational theme to take yoga off the mat and into your festival day.

Awakening Rhythm

Anna Molly and Djamasté invite you to reawaken your bundle of frequencies with this ecstatic dance journey. We will ground, flow, and breath ourselves into a moving meditation beyond the self. All that’s needed is your body, the beats and your innate intelligence.

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies

Two forces always operate whether represented by two people, an electrical system, within the human body or in the greater cosmic experience; Explore the Yin and Yang of life, how the duality can cause challenges and learn tools to create more equanimity, balance your nervous system, the brain hemispheres and subtle inner forces.

Balancing the Energy Centres of the Human Body

An exploration of the energy centres of the body, sometimes called chakras, as described by Ra in the Law of One material. We will explore how they may be utilised in our spiritual journeys to express, integrate, and balance our experiences. Includes a guided meditation to help in understanding this spiritual framework.

BandMouth: Beatbox and Beyond

Around the world and into your gob, we will go on a lip to lung journey through the physics, physiology and phrivolity of all the sounds a face can make. Sideways yodelling, beatbox/mouthdrums/vocal percussion, harmonics/throat singing, mic technique, looping, advanced clapping and vocal distortion (without hurting) are all explored on the way to being a band with your voice.

Basics of Prop Building

In this workshop you will learn about how fire toys are made, and which parts really matter for your own constructions.

Bee Play

Come experience the life of the beehive through interactive story telling, playing, crafting, and dancing. Bees are some of the most wondrous creatures and they play one of the most vital roles as pollinators in the world of flowers. Children will surely walk away with the bee buzz!

Beginner Ropedart

Come along to begin your journey with the flow prop known as rope dart. With origins as an ancient Chinese fighting weapon, this prop is very versatile and even has a place in martial arts tournaments.

Belly Dance – Have Fun while Fine-tuning Mind, Body, Spirit Health

Dance as exercise can be a fun, balanced, holistic path to preventative health and empowerment of the sacred feminine energies. Participants in my classes learn that no matter what their shape, they are absolutely perfectly gorgeous. Belly dance is a very old and powerful path to good physical health.

Body Movement

Lets move! Rolls, cartwheels, dives, come jump around and get familiar with space!

Calm Mind/Free Spirit Morning Classes – Qigong

Learn beautiful relaxing, energising moving meditations to calm the mind and free the spirit. The moving and still meditations we will learn can help people to develop a natural sense of their internal energies as well as a deeper understanding and connection to the body, mind and heart.

Cannabis, Health and the Cannabis Law Reform

Cannabis has been used for health benefits for thousands of years but remains illegal in New Zealand. Learn the biology of why cannabis can benefit so many different health conditions, and how to use it medicinally in ways that minimise harm. We’ll go over the New Zealand and world cannabis law reform over the last few years and the ongoing challenges therein.

Chakra Massage

We will do a brief individual chakra analysis followed by pairs having the opportunity to be guided to give and receive a chakra balance/massage. Using a blend of seed sounds with either oil or sandalwood paste. We will finish with a guided chakra meditation. One Yoga mat to share is ideal, or a blanket, towel to lie on.

Chronic Fatigue it’s not all in your Head – it’s in Your Gut

Come and learn about the latest research behind this complex health condition and what you can do to prevent, manage and overcome chronic fatigue and other stress-related disorders. Learn about the role of food and lifestyle in the development of CFS and how to create your own health journey to achieve your health potential.

Circus Fit: Conditioning and Stretch for Circus

A conditioning and flexibility class, specifically tailored to suit aerialists, or those wanting to try aerials.This class will introduce participants to a variety of exercises aiming to make your body supple and and to prevent injuries. Become circus-fit and injury free!

Communication for Connection

Dive into compassionate communication with yourself and others, where shift happens. Here you will learn new ways of connecting in moments of joy and conflict. NVC (Non Violent Communication) is a practical toolkit to cultivate your values. Understand where others are coming from, see their humanity and create authentic connections with yourself and others.

Communication with Animals

Have you ever wondered what your pet would say to you if they could talk? We will be looking at what kind of information animals share with you, and how our animals assist us in our lives. Our pets may have helped us, from taking physical ailments from us, assisting emotional problems, and comforting through difficult periods of our lives.

Community Music Therapy

Introduction to community music therapy, the strength of the non-verbal way of communicating with people from different backgrounds, the importance of the expression and body language of the therapist, exercises and practical examples about the possibilities with every kind of group, of any origin, in whatever circumstances. Bring an instrument if possible.

Conscious Connected Breathing

Conscious connected breathing (rebirthing) is a holistic breathing technique that enlivens the body and brings about a state of deep relaxation. Entering a trance-like state through super-ventilation can bring about deep healing, release energetic blockages and give insight into ones subconscious conditioning. Bring something to lie on and a blanket or shawl.

Conscious Relationships

Life is full of relationships – professional, romantic, family, community; they can be a source of happiness or challenge. Past conditioning, present experiences and our self-view influences how we connect to and communicate with others. Explore yogic practices that assist in positive communication skills and the ability to remain more balanced in relationships.

ConSensual Contact

Touch is a valuable, nurturing and often pleasurable part of life that is more potent when done consciously. This workshop will encourage and increase awareness in a safe and playful way with all contact fully clothed and consensual. Verbal and non-verbal, movement, music, release, heart centred connection and healing. Please bring something to lie on.

Contact Acro Mix

In this lab-style session we will explore some of the connections, differences and potentialities of Contact Improvisation (CI) and Acroyoga which both share a sense of playfulness and collaboration. Lots or little experience in both or either practice is fine.

Contact Dance Jam

Roll around with other humans! We will be exploring the fundamentals of contact dance-dancing with the momentum and contact of ourselves upon others.

Contact Staff Continued

Intermediate level Contact Staff workshop for learning Fishtails, progressing on to Vertical Stalls + Turns. Some Contact Staff experience will help, but this is open to people with all levels of knowledge

Contact Yoga

Contact Yoga is a fun, diverse exploration of the wide range of possibilities for connecting with ourself through work with partners and groups. Combining elements of active yoga, contact improvisation, conscious relating exercises and partner meditations, together we’ll experience the therapeutic power of authentic connection.

Creating Ecovillages and Landbased Communities

We will ‘visit’ a diversity of communities around the world, and address some critical ‘how to’s’ e.g. how to build a community from where you are right now, how to gather together the right people, how to gather sufficient resources to start and how to avoid typical pitfalls.

Creatively Capturing Stones

Jewellery making: a special stone or crystal can be captured as a beautiful piece of jewellery. Learn to make a macramé net to hold any stone or item and create your wearable or gift piece. Tap into your creative talents and learn a practical new skill.

Dancing in your Elements

Have you ever wondered how your organs and body parts want to move? You will go on a journey into your body through the 5 elements; fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Into each organ and emotion associated with the elements, for a powerful integrative and interactive play and dance!

Decoding the Body – a Tool for Transformation and Freedom

Your body is a powerhouse of knowledge and vehicle for transformation! But do you know how to use this well? Body Representation and more will be explored in this fun and interactive workshop. For practitioners/teachers of movement and anyone interested in gaining a more holistic and practical way to more freedom in their lives!

Developing Emotional Literacy and Strengthening Relationships

Do you want to know yourself better and strengthen the child-parent relationship? As both you and your child draw with felts and crayons using outlines of the human body, you’ll get to explore your inner selves. Learn how to put what you experience into pictures and words. We will interact and reflect using mind and body, brains and sensations.

DisSolve Dance – Dancing to Freedom

DisSolve Dance encourages you to explore, dive deep and let go by a carefully curated soundscape and intuitive guidance. There is no choreography and you are invited to use your body, mind and emotions, to elevate your spirit through the power of dance. Connect with yourself, with others and the music and set yourself free!


Dowsing is an ancient practice with unlimited applications for modern life. From daily decision making, chakra balancing or talking with your spirit guides and everything in between, dowsing tools are powerful portals to unlock your intuition, sensitivity and spiritual awareness as well as making your life a whole lot easier.

Dragon Staff Continued

We’ll be starting with the Chi Roll – the foundation of Dragon Staff spinning – and Cheating Death, two versitle moves that can lead into even more advanced techniques.

Dragon Staff: Flowosophy fundamentals (Advanced)

Focusing on applying the concept behind a chi roll to all other areas of the body as well as within ‘caging’. Ultimately, this class is aimed at supplying participants with the understanding behind the patterns that allows these skills to be applied to not only other areas of flow art, but philosophically to all aspects of their lives.

Drama Fun

Come along for a fun time playing theatre games, improvising, devising and learning some basic theatre skills. We will start with some icebreakers and theatre games then move onto some theatre exercises such as mirroring and tableau’s then onto some group devising. You will have an enjoyable time making new friends and connections. Suitable for all ages.

Drum Care and Repair

Learn how to care of your drum. You will learn basic maintenance and care for the skin, tune it, how to tighten the drum, how to fix damaged skin, rope and shell and you will also learn how to completely skin or re-skin a drum. The drum is a sacred instrument that needs to sound good to inspire.

Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness

Do you ever get annoyed, anxious, jealous, disappointed, sad or confused? If so, you are probably human! However, by becoming aware of the difference between emotions, feelings and the role that ego plays in our daily emotional journeys, we can learn to navigate life’s hurricanes and stay safely centred in the ‘I’ of the storm.

Empowered Activism

An action-packed participatory workshop seeks reframing activism as an essential contributor to the transformation of socio-ecological systems. We will explore tools and tactics for effective change-marking centred around two core themes: enabling and empowering personal sense of purpose; and turning what you love and care about into your livelihood.

Empowering the Sisterhood

What does it mean to embrace our full potential as women in today’s world? A guided journey into interconnectedness; we will create a safe, supportive space to explore and ground our innermost motivation to contribute to the healing of Gaya, our world. For women only.

Engineering Services and Working with Council for Community Development

We’ll look at the key options for provision of water, wastewater, stormwater and power for the community and the trade-offs that are part of the on/off grid decision. Also main types of planning and building consents, the whys and wherefores of a District Plan and the Building Act and ways to work with the Council to find a suitable site.

Entries & Exits Acro Contact Explorations

Find your softness, stillness, connect, release and flow through acro poses. Through a variety of approaches we will explore ways to enter and exit a balanced pose. Explorations will happen in pairs, threes and bigger groups to find ways to connect, support, listen, and observe. Some acro or contact experience useful.

Exploring the Dancing Body

Tune in to the language of dance in this down-to-earth tour of your body’s regional landscapes. Explore the expressive powers unique to key areas of the body, expand your individual movement vocabularies across these regions, and gain confidence in synthesising them into an experience of embodied musicality. All levels and abilities welcome.

Exploring the Nature of Channeling

Carla Rueckert, the instrument during the Ra contact that brought for the Law of One material, developed a protocol, method, and ethical philosophy for channeling information to aid humanity. We will explore Carla’s methods to guide a group in understanding what channeling is and how to evaluate channeled material.

Female Sexuality for Men

What do women want? Epic sex and legendary love! This workshop explores female sexuality, anatomy and various erogenous zones and is designed for those who identify as male. An informative and empowering workshop for men ready to tap into their innate knowledge, release damaging beliefs and receive the sexual education that they wish they had.

Find the Balance

We will start with dynamic strengthening postures to build and stimulate the digestive fire – agni. Following that we will be exploring some nice deep stretches, using the breath to take us deep into the sensations of each posture, practising the art of pratyahara – sense withdrawal (the 5th limb of the 8 limbs of yoga).

Finding the Beat

Teaching participants to break their spinning down into beats and how to synchronize those beats to the music. Suitable for people using any flow toy. Using techniques from drumming (21 years experience) I will teach them to count out/feel out the rhythm of the music and plan their moves accordingly

Fire Safety for Prop Building and Performance

I would like to help people to understand how and why being safe with your performance and equipment used is of the utmost importance . Giving people the power to be the best and most professional they can be to ensure safety of all involved.

Flow State 101

Teaching the theory and practice of flow state. How to get into it, how to use it, how to maintain it. Starting with meditation and body awareness training and moving on to toy work at the end.

Food Sovereignty

Learn how a multi-faceted approach to localising food can get you out of supermarkets – forever! Find out about attempts to counteract the decline in seed varieties and the rise of corporate control over our food and seeds. Do a bit of hands-on seedsaving. Learn how permaculture and community development methods applied to bioregional food resilience can recharge local economies.

Foundations of Hooping

Teaching the theory and practice of flow state. How to get into it, how to use it, how to maintain it. Starting with meditation and body awareness training and moving on to toy work at the end.

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